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We are on a mission to build a generation of financially aware kids who understand the fundamentals of money and wealth management and are also able to make wise money decisions in the future as an individual. MinieMoney is partnered with VFD Bank for all our banking services.


Learning about money is a very important life skill

Kids begin to form lifelong habits from as early as 7 years old, so why not take the opportunity to start teaching your kids about money as early as possible? Just like every skill or habit we have picked up, we learnt them by doing it over and over again. With MinieMoney, they get to understand money by practising and having control of the money they spend, save, and earn with the guidance of their parents.


Only 25-34% of adults in Nigeria, and 35-44% of adults in Africa are financially literate.

This is why MinieMoney was created, to prepare the future generation for better statistics by helping kids learn how to use money the right way.

Kids who use MinieMoney will learn the value of money, how to spend it wisely and how to invest towards their future. It would make us all proud to see our children grow into responsible members of society.


We are building a community of parents wey sabi!

Our goal is to create a smart banking and financial literacy app for kids to be more involved in family finances and ultimately, improve their money skills. Together, we would inspire a generation towards healthier financial habits and better contributions to society.

We have a child-first approach to innovation because we all were children once, even those of us who are parents now.

We take special care towards teenagers by acknowledging their growth and maturity and involving them in some of our day-to-day activities. We have two teenagers in our content team!

We believe in having a childlike spirit and employing the positive attributes that children possess, such as enthusiasm, creativity, innocence, and fun.
We strive to create the best environment to develop a child-friendly product for your kids.

Founded by a parent

MinieMoney is founded by a father of three and a business developer with both academic knowledge and career history across different cities in the world.

He has a BSc in Insurance, an MSc in Global Business, and a knack for turning ideas into rewarding ventures.

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