The money



for kids and teens


The money app for kids and teens

Savings for Kids

A fun way for your kids to save and earn interest with a variety of savings plan.

Organise Your Child’s Allowance

Say goodbye to forgetting your kid's allowance. Now you can schedule and manage your kids' allowances with our allowance organiser.

Request Money Quickly

A new way to receive money from friends, family and loved ones in just seconds.

Debit Card for Kids

A secure debit card specifically designed for kids and teens. They will be able to make payments with a card of their own.

Investment Opportunities for Kids

Introduce your kids to the world of investing early with stock market and parental control.

Raise money smart kids

MinieMoney equips your child with life skills and learnings. Raise Kids who know all the important stuff about money.


Backed by real businesses

We are supported by some of the foremost companies in Africa. You’re in great company.


We protect your data with our app’s comprehensive privacy measures and safe storage solutions.


What People Say About Us

Wow, I am 12 years old and never knew I would have an account where my brothers can send money and I love that I am able to request money for anything, anytime. I haven't stopped since I learnt that.




Thousands of Parents are Signing-up their children on MinieMoney.

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