Get Peace of Mind With Allowance Organiser

Sending allowances to your kids whether daily, weekly or monthly can be a cause for worry but not anymore.


Allowance Organizer to make life easier

Our allowance organizer makes it super easy to send allowances to your children on a regular basis. You can track and schedule allowances so you never have to miss it.

Say goodbye to late Allowances

You can rest easy knowing that you no longer have to delay your kids’ allowances with our timely reminders so you know when an allowance is due. You have a lot to think about, let’s take late allowances off the list.


No cash, no problem!

Who needs cash when you can pay your child’s allowance right into their MinieMoney wallet? Whatever the cash situation is, you no longer have to worry about your child getting money to care for personal expenses. Go cashless, we are here to support you!

Raise responsible kids with an Allowance Organiser

You always have control over your child’s allowance so they learn to be responsible and do what is needed to keep the allowance coming. We are putting parental control in your hands.


Start your Kid’s financial Journey today