Exciting Savings Plan Made for Kids

MinieMoney helps you show your children the power of saving. Kids can do more with their savings while earning interest and learning about money.


Save with others on KoloSave

Kids are having fun saving along with thousands of children around the world on KoloSave. You can save more to get on the top saver’s list and win the number one spot weekly or monthly while earning 9% interest every year.

Save for a purpose with Target Saving

Whether saving for a group or personal goal, kids can learn to set goals and meet them with our target saving plan.


Avoid spending temptation with SafeGuard

You no longer have to fall for the temptation of spending whatever money you have saved with SafeGuard. Kids can lock their savings and only access it with it is due while they earn a 14% interest every year.

Save smarter by saving with MinieDollar

Your kids can now save and invest their money in US Dollars with 8% interest every year when they save with MinieDollar.


Start your Kid’s financial Journey today